2021 Summer Activities Coaches recruitment

The Macau Football Association (hereinafter referred to as MFA) has been committed to promoting the development of football. Over the years, we have cooperated with Education and Youth Development Bureau and the Sports Bureau to organize the " Summer Holiday Football Class", recruiting qualified coaches to carry out technology for the "Summer Holiday Football Class" guide.

For all the registered coaches in 2020(Must have Macau ID card), we are now open to register online from today to March 29. Each coach can register for multiple classes (please choose according to the time you can attend) Cooperation agreement, each class needs 2 coaches to assist, and each class up to 5 coaches to register (first come first served). After the registration is over, the technical department will use SMS to notify the results on March 30.

* Course time may be adjusted at any time in response to the SAR government ’s measures against the epidemic. At present, this is for preparation only, if there is any adjustment in time, the registered coach will be notified immediately. 

D. Bosco College Sports Centre registration link

Tamagnini Barbosa Sports Centre registration link