Registration of Macau women's eight player League in 2021

1.Registration fee: mop 500.

2.All clubs that sign up for the competition shall first sign up and then submit the team data. If the team fails to submit the fees and data within the time limit, it will be deemed to give up the competition and will be prohibited from participating in any competition organized by the club for two years (if you want to participate in the competition after the expiration of the time limit, you must make a written application to the club and obtain the approval of the Council before you can participate in the lowest category of the competition).

3.Registration time: Women's group: August 9-17, 2021 (please obtain the form in person)

4.Time of submitting player data: Women's group: August 14-24, 2021 (hand in the form in person)

5.As Macau is still in the epidemic prevention stage, in order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention guidelines of the SAR government, relevant measures have also been formulated in this event. All participating teams and players must pay attention to it.

Rules for 2021 Macau women's eight player League