AFC Grassroots Football Day 2022

2022 AFC Grassroots football day



To celebrate the annual AFC Grassroots Football Day, the Macau Football Association will organize the AFC Grassroots Football Festival at Macau D. Bosco College Football Field on the 29 th May , 2022 from 2 to 6 pm This festival will be held in the format of groups activities and rotate for every 10 mins. The event will be divided into boys and girls groups

AFC Grassroots Football Day 2022 has completed the registration process. Thank you for your enthusiastic support. The number of registered teams in each group has exceeded expectations, after entering the lottery, the following are the teams that have been drawn. Please register the teams in the list on April 25th Submit the following documents by EMAIL before:

The following is the list of teams in each group:

Men's group

Women's group

*Update Prevention Guidelines:

In respect and comply with anti-epidemic measures, all participants(coach and player) of the event must either complete at least two doses of COVID-19 vaccination for at least 14 days prior to the event, or hold a valid 7 days negative nucleic acid test on the week of the event, and the relevant test must be arranged by yourself. And please take screenshots of relevant certificates and send it to the following E-mail on or before 27th May . If the relevant certificates are not received by the deadline, the participation qualification may be cancelled. E-mail Address:

For enquiries, please email : technical Or contact the technical department of the association at 2883-0287.